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23 June 2021
BEISS tyre stripper

Vesconite Bearings innovates in the tractor-tyre replacement market

Custom-made wear-resistant low-friction Vesconite bearings and wear pads are being trialled on a BEISS tyre stripper machine by a company in the thriving tractor-tyre-changing industry.

The trial, conducted in Bultfontein, South Africa, at a company that specialises in tractor-tyre stripping and replacement, aims to prove the efficiency and durability of Vesconite in tractor tyre maintenance.

The wear pads, produced by Vesconite Bearings, were strategically installed on the slides of the hydraulic sled carriage, a crucial component of the tyre stripper machine. This carriage, carrying essential tools for tyre removal and replacement, moves repeatedly during tyre mounting and dismounting operations. Vesconite’s wear-resistant properties are expected to mitigate excessive wear, ensuring smooth and reliable performance over extended periods.

Furthermore, Vesconite bearings have been deployed as rollers beneath the table used for positioning tractor tyres during maintenance procedures. The constant back-and-forth motion of this table often leads to wear on conventional components. By introducing Vesconite products, the company anticipates an increase in durability and longevity, providing a reliable solution for garage equipment used on large tractor tyres.

The Vesconite solutions were installed in January 2024, replacing conventional nylon wear pads and bearings that had worn out over three years. The client, introduced to Vesconite through positive word-of-mouth feedback, will provide information on the performance of the Vesconite components on the BEISS machine, which is exposed to the rigours of cumbersome tractor tyres.

Should the Vesconite bearings and wear pads outperform the traditional nylon products, Vesconite Bearings plans to expand its offerings to other tyre stripping operations specialising in tractors. This move aligns with the increasing demand for durable and efficient solutions in the agricultural sector, which is driven by a growing global population’s need for food, the rise in mechanisation in agriculture, and, in some cases, supportive government policies and subsidies promoting agricultural equipment purchases.

Vesconite Bearings remains dedicated to advancing innovation in the agricultural industry and the equipment that supports the farming sector.

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