Adventures in Wear: From Underground Gold Mines to Desert Railways to Ocean Floors
08 February 2018

Talk on adventures and challenges in overcoming wear

Vesconite Bearings Chairperson Dr Jean-Patrick Leger has been invited as the guest speaker at the South African Institute of Tribology’s AGM. His talk will cover bushing polymers and wear material and is entitled “Adventures in Wear: From Underground Gold Mines to Desert Railways to Ocean Floors”.

“In a day we may review bearing production requirements for deep mines and mills, seek grease free solutions for construction plant and transport equipment, provide oil free bearings for small irrigation pumps or half-kilometre-long deep well pumps, focus on solving rail/wheel wear on locomotives and rail wagons, offer solutions to reduce the number of dry-dockings of container ships, or to make racing yachts move faster, or develop longer life bearings for underwater turbines and remote operated vessels working on the ocean floors,” says Leger.

“Each day provides adventures and challenges in overcoming wear,” he notes.

Best known for Vesconite, its brand of plain bearings and bushings, Vesconite Bearings today has customers in over 100 countries on five continents.

Date: 15th May 2018
Time: 18h00 – 18h30
Venue: Science Park, 1 Northway, Kelvin, Johannesburg, South Africa

For further information:
Phone: +27 11 616 1111

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