Agriculture is a tough environment for bearings – ask any farmer. Traditional bronze and steel bearings have a particularly hard time of it, given the host environment of grit, mud and water. More often than not, the result is rapid wear to both bearing and shaft, and eventual failure and costly downtime. Not so with Vesconite. A unique blend of self-lubrication, low abrasion and high load-bearing strength makes Vesconite the ideal choice for a variety of agricultural applications.

Benefits for

Vesconite does not swell or distort in water.

Vesconite has a high abrasion resistance.

Vesconite does not delaminate.

Vesconite does not corrode.

Vesconite does not require lubrication.

Vesconite saves on costly maintenance downtime.

Vesconite is resistant to oils and fuels.

Vesconite bearing are easy to fit and remove.

Vesconite is shaft-friendly.


Combine harvester steering shaft and kingpin bushes.

Pivot point bushes on planters.

Final drive and front-loader bushes on tractors.

Articulating arm bushes on sprayers.

Undercarriage pivot bushes on agricultural trailers.


Bronze and steel gauge arm and linkage bushes in planters have high wear rates, due to the abrasive working environment. This results in inaccurate seed placement.

Traditional tractor king pin, axle and final drive bushes can be affected by water and dirt. Not the case with Vesconite.

Vesconite offers a huge time saving compared to bronze and steel bearings in planters and sprayers, where maintenance involves lubricating hundreds of grease points.

Agriculture Case Studies
Air seeder runs smoother on Vesconite Hilube

Saldanha, South Africa : After six years of testing and 1600ha of field use per season, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, now specifies Vesconite Hilube bushings in all its Argodisc 32 Row Air Seeders. Seed placement and resultant crop yields have shown significant improvement as a result.

Vesconite resolves problem area on John Deere planter

In this case, Vesconite Hilube replaced a brass gauge arm bush requiring ongoing lubrication via a grease nipple on the gauge arm. Performance was greatly improved with Hilube.

Vesconite moulding fitted to planter wear liners

South Africa - Vesconite's outstanding wear-resistant properties have dramatically improved the working life of seedpot units on these South African built Monosem planters. Prior to switching to Vesconite, the metal surfaces of the seedpots exhibited high wear rates. In many cases the entire seedpot unit had to be replaced. Refurbishing the seedpots with Vesconite liners allows the seedpots to be re-used - a considerable saving all round.

Vesconite Hilube saves costs on rice planter

Argentina - In this field application, a rice planter with parallel linkage shafts had been fitted with traditional brass bushings and lubricated via grease nipples on the linkage arms. These were replaced with Vesconite Hilube. The key performance benefit was Vesconite's ability to operate in dirty conditions with no external lubrication - translating into a large cost and time saving during planting, as well as reduced wear to both bush and shaft.

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